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In-store pickup and local delivery for your industry

Store Pickup + Delivery
for Meal Prep Delivery Services

Make your site a robust online ordering platform
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as your production can manage.

Shopify Store Pickup and Delivery for Meal Prep services
Trusted by more than 350 Shopify meal prep delivery services worldwide
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Fully featured, customizable and scalable

Ideal for meal prep delivery services who want to offer more flexibility and convenience to their customers and grow their business - whether they have one location or thousands.

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Product availability for customized online ordering
Product availability
Mark individual products as only available for pickup, delivery or shipping.
Pickup slots for seasonal products
Seasonal windows
Set specific product availability windows, such as 10-14th February for more customized inventory management.
Some-day delivery
Offer same-day delivery
Define timed breakpoints for same-day delivery eligibility, so your online orders are always delivered fresh.
Delivery breakpoints
Delivery breakpoints
Offer free delivery over specific order values, or for custom orders. You pick the delivery breakpoints.
Shopify POS integration
Shopify POS integration
Our app is integrated with Shopify Point of Sale software. Take phone orders, schedule deliveries and organize pickup in-store.
Delivery Limits
Set delivery limits
Customize and restrict deliveries to specific zip codes or distances from your store.
Date and Time picker
Date and time picker
Set location and product availability down to 5-minute intervals and let customers choose.
Support for multiple locations
Multiple locations
Easily import all your locations and manage them individually.
Multi-location inventory
Live multi-location inventory
Synchronize and show live availability to customers across every location.
Delivery validator
Delivery validator
Let shoppers see eligibility for delivery from any page by entering their zip code.
Geodistance validation
Geodistance validation
Automatically offer the right price and service based on customer location.
Shopify gift card support
Shopify gift cards support
Full compatibility with sales of Shopify virtual cards
Shopify Delivery Rates by Distance
Delivery Rates by Distance
Charge by kilometre or mile with our add-on app.
Shopify Delivery Rates by Zip Code
Delivery Rates by Zip Code
Charge by postal code with our add-on app.
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Meal prep delivery services just got easier

Figuring out what to eat is easier than ever with meal prep delivery services popping up everywhere. Vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, there are different types of meal delivery services perfect for whatever you’re craving. Despite the different diets they cater to, they all rely on meal delivery apps to get the job done for their customers.

Over 350 Shopify meal prep delivery services have relied on Store Pickup and Delivery to give their customers curbside pickup and local delivery options. With Store Pickup and Delivery, you can integrate with the Shopify POS system, offer delivery breakpoints and work with geodistance validation, giving you the ability to automatically offer the right price based on your customer’s location.

You can define timed breakpoints for same-day delivery eligibility or set seasonal windows allowing you to set specific product availability windows, such as April 15-28. A big feature of meal prep delivery services selling certain types of foods based on the season or customized to a specific customer. It makes business operations in your food delivery service more organized and efficient. 

inspiredgo reviews Zapiet Store Pickup and Delivery app
inspiredgo logo
“In Calgary, we offer more delivery days than we do in Vancouver. And even the order cutoffs are different than all the cities... Being able to use that functionalities Zapiet obviously built in, has really allowed us to have this flexibility to launch markets that aren't necessarily going to have the same schedule and the same timeline.”
Derek Rucki
Inspired Go
The Stem reviews Zapiet Store Pickup and Delivery app
The Stem logo
"I wanted to offer delivery slots for customers, and restrict deliveries only to London. This app has great functionality and was able to do everything I needed"
James Folger
The Stem
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Active meal prep delivery services
25 million
Pickup and delivery orders processed
Countries where the app is used

Pricing that scale with you

Flexible monthly plans with no minimum contract. Switch freely at any time, and enjoy a 30-day free trial to test the app’s features and make sure it fits your workflow.

For any additional information, contact support@zapiet.com
Per Month
  • 1 - 3 locations
  • Store Pickup
  • Local Delivery
  • Shipping Calendar
  • Shopify POS integration
  • Product availability
  • Conditional activation
Start 30-day free trial
Per Month
  • 1 - 20 locations
  • All Essential features
  • Limit orders by date or time
  • Preparation time per product
  • Date restricted products
  • CSV order export
  • Google Calendar integration
Start 30-day free trial
Per Month
  • 1 -100 locations
  • All Advanced features
  • Realtime inventory
  • Production reports
  • Shopify Flow integration
  • Priority support
  • CSV location import
  • Early access to new features
Start 30-day free trial
Per Month
  • 1 -250 locations
  • All Professional features
  • High order volumes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access to APIs
  • Custom SLA
  • Technical support
Start 30-day free trial
Does this delivery app require Carrier Service API?

To use our Rates features you will need access to Shopify's Carrier Service API. It's free with annual plans or $20 on monthly plans. Contact Shopify to add Carrier Service API for you.

Is there a free trial?

We offer a 30-day free trial so that you can check if the app suits your workflow and does what you need.

Which countries does the app work in?

The app works everywhere that Shopify does.

What is Perfect Rates?

It's the name of our unique rate feature that ensures only the correct rates are displayed to your customers.
This also prevents customers from selecting a free pickup rate by mistake or selecting local delivery instead of shipping rates. Shopify Carrier API access is required.

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