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Get the leading position on the market with YouTube selling!

Get the leading position on the market with YouTube selling!

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Anna Shevchenko
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Give your customers an entertaining experience with YouTube Shopping to actively break into 2023!

Earlier in our blog, we talked about Livestream Shopping and how impactful it is to help merchants explore new audiences and increase revenue.

Many big brands now put social selling first. Amazon Live, Instagram Live and Facebook Live offer users tools for successful Livestream shopping. Big eCommerce brands are also looking for new opportunities for merchants to explore the power of social selling in action.  

In July 2022, Shopify announced a partnership with YouTube, one of the most popular social media platforms that hosts over 2,5 million users according to Statista. They have introduced YouTube Shopping as a new tool to help both creators and merchants break down barriers between entertainment and shopping, making it a unified process.  

The concept of YouTube Shopping

YouTube has been far more than just a content-producing social platform for a long time. People go there to not only watch the fun or educational videos but also to shop. What makes them trust and buy their favorite brands are influencers and opinion leaders who showcase and promote those goods via their videos and live streams.  

According to a study YouTube ran in partnership with Publicis and TalkShoppe, 89% of viewers agree that YouTube creators give recommendations they can trust.  

To empower more creators to successfully proceed with social commerce events, YouTube started a new partnership with Shopify, adding useful selling tools to the new YouTube Shopping tab.

In the same way, as creators can now extend the influence, going beyond their YouTube audience, Shopify merchants can explore new markets, launch live shopping events, engage with the audience and significantly increase their revenue.

Both merchants and creators can now sell worldwide, using multiple platforms while easily managing them from one place. Merchants can follow their video and live stream performance directly from Shopify dashboards, avoiding additional hassle when collecting statistics from different platforms.

The integration offers three ways merchants and creators can feature and sell products on their YouTube channels:

Store Tab

With the new tools, merchants and creators can add a store tab to the YouTube channels to display desired product lines.


Another feature applicable to on-demand videos is a product shelf with the listed items relevant to specific content.

Livestream shopping

By hosting live events, merchants and creators can tag and pin products so customers can easily find the necessary item. The picture-in-picture option lets the audience continue watching the live stream while checking out.

Three reasons why you should go live in 2023

The future is here, pushing live commerce forward. Today's customers tend to look online, offline and everywhere in between to find their favorite brands.

According to Shopify, 43% of GenZers confirm they would buy via YouTube, and 81% of businesses say social commerce is just as, if not more important than last year – don't get left behind!

Try YouTube Shopping to connect with your customers from different sides.

Better shopping experience

There is always a risk to buy goods online with no chance to see how the product looks or how you can use it in real life. In the same way, it can be tough going to overcrowded shopping malls especially before the holidays.  

Live shopping brings only the best from both worlds, enhancing customers’ experience during the stream. The audience can now not only check the product in action but have fun while shopping.

Increase revenue with the watch-to-buy concept

The Shopify x YouTube toolkit makes it easier for customers to check out, letting merchants and creators increase revenue faster.

For example, US merchants and creators can enable onsite checkout so that viewers can complete their purchases without leaving YouTube. Otherwise, customers can watch the live stream using picture-in-picture format, while checking out on the store website at the same time.  

With the Shopify Inventory feature, creators can display only items available during the stream. With the seamless integration, information will be automatically updated once the product runs out of stock.  

Increase brand awareness and trust

Build your brand, not the audience.  

Having a trustworthy brand representative or cooperating with influencers with a wide audience has a great impact on brand awareness and reputation. When pairing it with a high-quality product, you have a high chance to get a loyal customer base with ease.  

It’s worth thinking twice to choose the face to represent your brand values, however, the right person can significantly improve your brand performance as a whole.

Live shopping takes all leading positions in the commerce world. If you haven't been there yet, go live with the Shopify and YouTube integration. YouTube Shopping makes it easy for merchants and creators to go beyond one platform, explore new markets, increase revenue and connect with the audience. To successfully manage your orders after live streams, we’d recommend installing Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery with the support of multiple locations and Shopify Inventory Integration. The app allows you to setup blackout dates, control preparation time for your products to be ready for pickup and delivery, and integrate with multiple last-mile couriers to provide fast same-day delivery. Try it now with a 30-day free trial!