Shopify recently released several exciting updates in its latest product launch, Shopify Editions: Summer ’23. The edition showcased the remarkable platform updates and innovative technologies that aim to continue improving Shopify’s user experience while simultaneously revolutionising the marketplace.

Let's take a journey through the highlights of this year's Shopify edition, where we will point out our favourite new features and why they won our hearts.

Customise your store with flexible sections

In today's world of online retail, your store’s aesthetics represent the first impression for your customers. Designing your online store often can be a complicated task, due to possible limitations that can only be overcome with programming knowledge.

This is where flexible sections come into play, reshaping how you create and organise your online store.  

With flexible sections, the process is as intuitive as drag and drop, allowing you to resize, group, and edit elements effortlessly. This makes it easy to customise your store to reflect your brand in a simple and intuitive way, without the hassle of complex custom code.  

Offer your products in subscription form

Buying habits are evolving and many consumers are seeking more flexible and convenient ways to acquire products.  

With Shopify Subscriptions, you can ensure your customers always have your products in their homes, whilst generating recurring revenue.  

This update marks a significant step towards meeting your customers' varied demands and strengthening loyal relationships, providing a continuous connection between your brand and your audience.  

New updates in artificial intelligence (AI) are also in the spotlight and several of Shopify’s releases now use AI features. For example:    

A virtual assistant that will save you time

Sidekick is Shopify's amazing new assistant. It can help you in many ways, such as giving you personalised suggestions, answering all your questions, and recommending the best applications and tools for your business.

The assistant not only helps you check items off your to-do list but can do them for you too.

It promises to know everything that Shopify knows, from store setup configurations and development documentation to market trends. It will no doubt prove to be a reliable ally, ensuring that you are on the path to success.  

Manage new chats effortlessly with AI-generated responses

With AI-generated responses in Shopify Magic, you can quickly respond to live chat questions with smart and agile answers. The new chat technology allows you to review and edit as needed before sending the response. This not only saves time but also improves the effectiveness of your interactions with customers.

AI-generated review summaries

Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery AI-generated summary. Access the app page at:

This tool operates directly in the Shopify App Store. After collecting hundreds of user reviews for various tools available for your business, the AI provides a concise summary of the tone and content of the reviews for each application and displays it at the top of the reviews section.

With it, the decision-making process about whether to download an app or not becomes much easier, by allowing you to easily understand the experience of other customers and save time reading multiple reviews.

The new updates we shared today are just a small sample of all the innovations announced in the Shopify Summer '23 Edition. Find out more about the updates announced in this Edition at: