According to Store Leads, there are 121,879 live Shopify stores in the Food & Drink category, including restaurants, bakeries, and food preparation businesses.

With such a significant portion of the market occupied by the food industry, the pressing question is: how can food businesses thrive and grow within the ecosystem?

We believe we have the answer!

Zapiet, a leading Shopify app developer, has recently launched a new app for Shopify restaurants and food businesses – Zapiet Eats.

Zapiet Eats is now available on the App Store, and you can try it with a 14-day free trial.

Now let’s review our favourite features from Zapiet Eats and explore how they can benefit Shopify food businesses.

Pickup and Delivery widget

Allow your customers to choose their delivery method – collect in-store or get delivery, if they live in an eligible area. You can restrict deliveries by radius or driving distance, and inform customers upfront whether they qualify for delivery, avoiding any disappointed hangry customers.

Learn how to enable the widget in our Help Article

Menu scheduling

Within Zapiet Eats, you can create menus for different days, special occasions or even specific times.

This means that if you’re planning your Christmas or St. Valentine’s special offer, you can create limited-edition menus, ensuring they're only available during those periods.

You can also add restaurant specific menus based on your offerings. For instance, if you have a dinner menu that you serve until 8 pm every day, simply add the dishes, set up the time frame for this menu, and control which restaurants this menu is available from.

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Order management & real-time notifications

Accept orders automatically or manage them manually to control which orders are accepted, delayed or declined. If your restaurant is busy, you can choose how long an order is delayed by and notify your customers, or you can decline the order and tell the customer why.

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Delivery eligibility

Create a minimum order value for delivery, for example £20, so customers must spend £20 or more before delivery is available to them.

You can also allow or prohibit delivery based on your customers’ location – choosing either a maximum radius or maximum driving distance.

Zapiet Eats checks the address entered by your customers in the widget. To be eligible for delivery, the address must fall within your set delivery radius or maximum driving distance. Customers located outside your delivery zone won't be able to choose a delivery slot in our widget.

Delivery rates

With this option, you can build an upsell strategy by charging a delivery fee for orders below £50 and offering free delivery for orders with higher values.

You can create multiple zones with different rates based on your restaurant strategy, offers, and locations.

Delivery time estimation

With Zapiet Eats, you can set an estimated delivery time, which is 20 minutes by default. However, you can adjust this upwards or downwards depending on how busy your kitchen is, to align with your customers’ expectations.

The estimated delivery time will be reflected in the time picker in our widget. The first slot available will be the current time + the delivery time.

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If you have preparation time added to your menu, the first available delivery slot will be extended by the time you need to prepare the order.

Preparation times

Set preparation times for your menus by choosing how many minutes you need to prepare orders. This feature is applicable for both pickup and delivery orders, ensuring you can get them out efficiently without feeling rushed.

For example, if you offer freshly baked products, you can set a preparation time to ensure you have enough time to bake each product. Once a customer orders bread from the menu, the estimated delivery time will be this prep time on top of your usual delivery timeframe set in the admin.

Built-In reports for your store operations

Keep track of key restaurant metrics directly from your admin dashboard. This includes your total orders, cancellations, and customer feedback, all in one place. This enables you to quickly address any customer concerns and jump straight to the details.  

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Automatically ask for feedback

Streamline the process of asking for feedback with our automatic feedback function. Simply choose how long after your customers receive their order to automatically ask for their feedback and use their responses in your reports dashboard to keep evolving and improving.

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Fully compatible with Shopify online store

Zapiet Eats works with the latest version of Shopify Online Store, allowing you to use its full power without needing to edit any code.

Zapiet Eats offers your restaurant a fresh opportunity to utilise the full potential of the Shopify ecosystem. Give it a go and let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you, as we strive to make Zapiet Eats the leading app to help you thrive in the food industry!

And guess what? Zapiet Eats POS is now live! Read more about how to use it to optimise your restaurant staff's work in our next blog!