Shopify has teamed up with Mirakl to empower merchants in scaling their businesses

On January 11th, Shopify announced a strategic partnership with Mirakl, a leading SaaS solution driving digital transformation through platform innovation. This collaboration allows Shopify merchants to seamlessly use the Mirakl Platform, incorporating AI-powered solutions to effortlessly establish and manage their marketplaces.

For businesses operating on Shopify, this integration opens up new global opportunities. Enterprises can now leverage Mirakl's marketplace while simultaneously building their own, expanding their reach, and boosting sales. The partnership facilitates a smooth connection between retailers and marketplace sellers, enabling expansion of product range.

The upcoming Mirakl App on the Shopify App Store will allow merchants to extend their global reach, showcasing their products on numerous Mirakl-powered marketplace platforms. Due to the seamless integration, merchants can also sync sales data from both platforms, streamlining customer management and adaptability.

Bobby Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer at Shopify, emphasizes that this integration exemplifies Shopify's commitment to assisting enterprise businesses in reaching customers across multiple channels.

Looking for Shopify? Find it on the Google Cloud Marketplace!

Shopify's commitment to advancing enterprise commerce takes another step with its robust partnership with Google Cloud. While the collaboration between Shopify and Google Cloud has long been in place, their joint mission to elevate commerce experiences is now strengthened by Shopify's availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

This strategic partnership primarily focuses on enterprise businesses, offering them access to buying, building, and integrating the right technology for unique commerce experiences. The synergy between these tech giants promises retailers streamlined purchasing processes, simplified billing procedures, and the opportunity to align Shopify spend with existing commitments on Google Cloud.

“Shopify and Google Cloud’s long-standing partnership has been instrumental in delivering leading commerce experiences to customers of all sizes.” said Ritu Khanna, VP, Global Partnerships at Shopify. “We're excited to grow that partnership with the Shopify listing on Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing enterprises the ability to purchase and easily deploy our market-leading commerce platform.”

After a promising start in 2024, it’s worth expecting a significant year dedicated to enhancing the commerce experience for enterprise businesses. Stay connected with us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with industry updates and promptly respond to any changes.