I get it, I totally get it! You're probably tired of everyone saying how quickly the year is flying by. But hey, guess what? Easter is just around the corner! And before we dive into our fantastic Easter guide, how about some fun Easter trivia?

Did you know that:

The biggest Easter parade happens in New York City?

Yep, right along the famous 5th Avenue! People flock there, dressed to the nines in their most colourful Easter outfits. And oh boy, those bonnets are a sight to behold!

Wearing new clothes on Easter used to be considered good luck?

Legend had it that if you sported new clothes on Easter Sunday, you were in for a year filled with good fortune. While not as widely believed nowadays, it still adds a bit of charm to picking out a fresh spring outfit for the occasion.

Egg decorating originated in Ukraine?

Yes, it's a tradition that dates back centuries. Ukraine gifted the world with the art of painting pysanky, which eventually made its way to the U.S. and became a beloved Easter activity.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, let's dive into our Easter Guide! Our amazing merchants have gone all out with their holiday products, making it impossible to choose just one. After thorough research, here's our top picks. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for the full list from each country!

1- Milla Chocolates is a Los Angeles based boutique Chocolaterie. They handcraft chocolates and confections with top-notch ingredients for amazing flavours. And their coffee bar? Unbeatable. They offer a house-blend hot chocolate you cannot miss, and incredible espresso drinks.

Small Golden Demi Easter Egg With Raspberry/Hazelnut Praliné $27

2- JACEK Chocolate Couture have been revolutionizing chocolate since 2009 with a mission to ensure every bite is crafted with care and sustainability. Through direct relationships with cacao farmers, they are transforming the industry, envisioning a future where farming brings prosperity to communities. Enjoy JACEK chocolate guilt-free – it's chocolate with a purpose.

Milk Chocolate Bunny $35.95

3- At The March Hare Bakery, they believe that the most delicious treats stem from the heart, where good food thrives on quality, creativity, and fun. As a small, family-run business, they pour passion and expertise into every macaron, artisan chocolate, and sweet treat they create.

Carrot Cake Macaron Filled Chocolate Easter Egg £28.50

4- At the Dunk Cookies artisan bakery, they specialize in original cookies and dips gift boxes. Inspired by their favourite flavours, they craft luxurious dips, from chocolate fudge brownies to cocktail-inspired creations like the Dunkstar Martini. Dunk Cookies remain their bestselling treat in the UK, offering exceptional flavour and quality, perfect for an Easter treat.

Mini Egg Nest NYC Cookie £4.45

Alright, writing this blog has stirred up quite an appetite in me! I hope you found our list as enjoyable as I did.

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See you soon