Tips & Tricks

A collection of articles providing the best tips and tricks for getting the most from your Shopify and BigCommerce stores

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a great point-of-sale system with seamless e-commerce integrations. It's an asset for any retail business, especially recommended if you need a POS for multichannel retailing. Read this blog to learn more about Shopify POS features and pricing.

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What’s the Difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus

Although Shopify and Shopify Plus are built on the same technology, have an identical interface, and use the same Shopify themes, they have a lot of differences. Learn more about Shopify and Shopify Plus to find out which platform suits you best.

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Sell on Shopify with TikTok

Here is a brief explanation of why TikTok opens up great opportunities for Shopify merchants, a tutorial on how to start selling on Shopify with TikTok, and tips on promoting your store.

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Tips to Promote your Local Delivery Service

Here are some incredible ways, Shopify merchants are promoting their local delivery service and making sure their customers know they have this option when shopping, while keeping a great shopping experience.

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Your Guide to Local Delivery on Shopify

Your guide to local delivery on Shopify. Local delivery is not going anywhere! It’s a service that not only customers have loved but have found the service, one of the reasons they make a purchase.

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How Shopify bakeries can make the most out of local delivery

The popularity of bakeries makes it an industry that generates more than $30 billion annually. We spoke to three amazing bakeries, all in different parts of the world who have built a loyal following of customers, and all bake unique treats.

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